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we don’t fascinated by things which are easily available. October 24, 2009

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Last week, i was at home. And i was glad, all my school friends have landed from miles away to our hometown this Diwali. As i was at home after such a long time, my mom was keep asking me, what do you want to eat….fridge is full of cold drinks & ice-creams, you always like or try some dry fruits or sweets or chokolates you always loved.

I said..mom…i just want to eat normal food made of your very own hand. Nothing special, just dal, sabzi & chapaties. I wondered all those things,which used to waters my mouth,are no longer fascinating me.B’coze since i left my hometown, all these things are easily available and i always have money to buy them.

Now i really miss those days, when my father used to buy me ice-cream on my b’day and me & my brother used to go outside to have dosa. Masal dosa was my favorite dish. but not now, as i live in south india.i remember,one of my friend told me how she used to wait for her uncle,who buy her Britannia Bourbon as Bourbon was considered very expensive biscuits that time and her elder sister spent her childhood happily with Parle-G.

i really feel….we don’t fascinated by things which are easily available.


do you believe in God? October 14, 2009

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“Muje har us cheez se nafrat hai, jo insaan ne apne matlab ke liye banai hai aur Bhagwan unme se ek hai” a dialogue from a bollywood flick ‘Border’ has inspired me to write this article.
Have you ever think that “Does God exists?” This is the most debatable topic. But still every living person has its own perception regarding ‘God’.Some thinks God is within us, some believes its existence only in pilgrimage places or Temples,Church etc.

Whenever we found ourself in some problem;we say ‘Oh God,help me’.God was best made for this.Because God is nothing but a man made hypothetical entity, who is considered as more powerful than a human being. It was made for to revitalize or fill ourself with some optimistic wave, when we are in trouble.For example- before exam,we use to pray to god & on the next moment we found ourself equipped with a sudden confidence.

But i don’t believe in God because i think

” Religion is for those people,who are afraid to go to hell
and Spirituality is for those people who are already been there”

India is a hillarious country with no sense of humour October 11, 2009

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“you have very good sense of humour” the compliment i have received several times in my life.Sometimes i think,what people make feel that i have great sense of homour.Its the virtue of mine to make fun of others that makes others burst into laughter except one,who is the victim.I think its a good deal to make nine people laugh even if one is suffering.

Many times i have tried healthy humour,but got not that much response that i usually get in making fun of someone.Even in some laughter show that are being telecast these days,you can find the comadian making fun of someone whether it is a celebrity or any politician or some public figure. I only like ‘Raju Srivastav’ who delve into small thing & come out with a really healthy humour.

In india,people love to laugh at something,in which , there is not a single bit of humour. Even people laugh at those who laugh loudly in a garden early in the morning.In india, if a group of people is laughing, you can sure of that someone is being victimised.

i found that ” India is a hillarious country with no sense of humour”

nothinG like F.R.I.E.N.D.S October 7, 2009

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nothing like F.R.I.E.N.D.s

nothing like F.R.I.E.N.D.s

Yesterday,we all friends were sitting together, having fun. Some of us have a habit of finding flaws in others.It’s been a long time,we all are doing this & really enjoyed a lot.

But finally we decided not to debug anyone & overlook the weaknesses of others. Because if you look for flaws, you’ll surely find them.Instead of finding flaws,we should see the good thing that each one of us possesses.we can learn from everyone.Everyone has a story to tell or a joke to share.

As we are far away from our Home.The only people who take care of us are friends.And,friends are so important for a happy living.

So be mature enough to ignore small flaws of your friends.Because there is nothing like F.R.I.E.N.D.S

pagalpanti bhi Zaruri hai October 2, 2009

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i always wanted to get wet in Heavy rain. But i don’t know why i had not. May be i was very protective or restrict myself to do some stupid things.

But a friend of mine in my college days always dragged me in heavy rain.i remembered, one day before exam there was heavy rain & he came to me & said ‘chal ajay, barish me bheegte hai’. But i said ‘yaar maan to hai, par muje padna hai’.

Then he said.

‘Kutta maro…billi maro

par Maan ko mat maro’

and we both went outside & enjoyed a lot.

And same thing happened a few days back. i was watching TV & there were raining outside. I was wanted get wet in rain & then i remembered my friend’s words. i went outside in the rain. Though i was alone but i enjoyed a lot.

A song is coming in my mind:

Cchai cchapa chai….cchapak ke cchai

paniyo pe ccheete…udati hua ladka

PS: pagalpanti bhi Zaruri hai

God on Earth….parents September 30, 2009

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I have never encountered an accident & don’t want to.

But i remembered an incident that i want to share with you

After +2 i went to Kota for IIT preparation.It’s been one & a half month, i was away from my Home.Before that i have never been keep away from my parents for a single day.On Rakhi i got 3 days leave. We were four friends from my Hometown.But i reached at Bus stand a little late & i got a different Bus.I called my parents that i am leaving and will reach at 7:30 in the morning.

Bus started moving at 9:30. As there were no-one to talk.I put earphone of my SONY walkman.It was my favourite entertainment tool that time.I don’t know when i started dozing off.I wake up at 5:30. I saw a milestone written as Chittorgarh-60Km.I was shocked.I asked them person beside me.He told me we were stuck in traffic-jam for 3 hrs.As i don’t have mobile phone that time.So i couldn’t call at home.I took it normally & again went back to my dream world.

But on the other side, at my home,things were not so normal.Time was passing by 8:30, 9:00, 9:30. All my friends who were just half an hour early,had reached home at 7:40.My father then called Travel agent and he told that an accident had been reported and they are trying to confirm it as they don’t know which Bus got accident.And things became worse at my home.

I reached home at 10:30. As i entered in my home, ambience was unusual. My Mom was crying in a corner of the room and my papa was consoling her and My brother was sitting besides phone,having a small tear about to come out.When they saw me,i can’t tell you how that situation was.They hugged me & asked me, ‘why are you so late?’I told them about the traffic jam.But i was puzzled and i asked them ‘what happened to you all?’. Then they explained everything.

I realized then ‘May be parents are not everything for us, But Children are everything for them’.

Never regret on something, that made you smile atleast once. September 29, 2009

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One day i was eating an Apple. It has small part rotten. I threw it into dustbin.My friend scold me for doing so. he said, you can cut that rotten part & eat the rest of it.

You can find an fresh Apple without any rotten part, but you cannot find a friend without a bad part.Sometimes depression sets in.Happens to all of us. we try hard, stay true to our friends.yet miscommunication occurs.Maybe there is something about our friend that we don’t like. We should ignore this.we should not forget the time we spent together & which made you smile.

When a bad things happens,
1.why we start hating that person, to whom with we have spent some best days of your life?

2.why things get change?

3.why a bad thing overpowers thousand good things?

4.why we start regretting on making friends?

P.S. Never regret on something, that made you smile atleast once.

A friend in need is a friend indeed September 28, 2009

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Any person,we know in our life other than our parents & relatives, we called them friends.But i think there are two type of friends. One,to whom we hang around & have fun. But when we depart, we never miss them.

and the other, to whom we share our secrets.To whom we tell our problems and when he/she console us, we feel good.I have spent some good time with my friends of type 1, but i never miss them.And there are some friends,i called them of Type 2, still are in touch with me in every step of my life.They share their happy moments,they share their problems.

I always tell my friends , use me as a Trash Can of your life.Whatever garbage is in your life.Just throw into me. i won’t complain.I’ll always there for you.

I always fair at my side & never expect the same.That’s keep me happy all the time.

But, i believe ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’.

follow your Dream September 27, 2009

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Door to reach your Dream

Door to reach your Dream

A child has so many dreams. Somebody wants to be a cricketer, someone wants to be pilot. Even every day they has a new dream.But when they grow up & get in touch with real life.Some of them achieve, what they want and some of them couldn’t make it, even they deserve it, they had enormous talent & had done hard work.

In this time of recession, some of my friends are dealing with the same situation. Nothing can be worse than when your dream shatters.

i remember a quote by Bill Gates:

“life is not fare always, get use to it”

But nothing is permanent…time will change…try to see other side of the door.

live happy & let live others happy’. September 26, 2009

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live happy

live happy

i am great fan of Bollywood flicks, but for past few days i am watching Hollwood movies.There is always some difference, when it comes to cultural aspect of different continents.Even i feel how liberal they are, in matters of relationship. They are so straight in displaying their emotion.

But when it comes to us, we have to think all about the world, rather than our own. And it become very difficult, when it is about opposite sex. if we talk about rural areas of india, a wife can not tell her husband that she don’t love him. i mean , she is supposed to love her husband in any case. Even he is not loyal to her.She is not allowed to think beyond that. Forgot about rural part, lets talk about our life. i tell you an incident during my training in infy. One of my friend had a Re-Compre & all of us were waiting outside of the examination hall. when she got to know that she had cleared her exam & came out of the hall. she burst into tears, though it were tears of ecstasy.she was full of emotion that she want to hug somebody, but she didn’t as there were only boys around including her best friend, who had help her in the preparation of her exam all days & night.Then soon after, a friend of ours came to congratulate her.She rushed to her & hugged her tightly. i just wondered what thing had stopped her to express her emotion. Certainly, it is our culture blessing (or curse) that restrict us to display emotion to opposite sex in public.

We always think, what the others will think, what we tell to our society as our society doesn’t take a girl-boy relationship in a healthy way.Even we are fair in relationship.

Sometime i feel, why should we think about society,if society is not ready to think about us. But even i feel, when it’s a story of someone else, we become the part of society & react in the same way. So problem is within us, not in the society. Because only we people make the society & we are the only one, who can make our society better.

lets do the new, & start thinking in a healthy way. follow the principal ‘live happy & let live others happy’.

P.S. A candle loses nothing if it is used to light another one.